Reuben  06/05/02

A club is born   

   Our club was conceived two summers ago at the Orllwyn Tiefi Vintage show. I was there with Laura and the kids to show our vintage bus. The show was a bit like a festival, loads of people camping in a field having a good time and we really enjoyed ourselves.

   The bus, a 1953 AEC Semi Decker or airport bus, was much admired. I beamed from ear to ear and got much useful advice from the "old boys". One enthusiast asked us if we had been in a certain layby eight years before, we had. I got to drive around the parade ring with the other commercials. Apparently we shouldn't be have been there as the bus had been converted and the purists wouldn't like it. I have to say there were no purists at Orllwyn Teifi. Someone suggested that we should have our own class.  Bingo!  Conception.

   I'd been thinking of a private members club, combine the two and we have a private members club for enthusiasts of converted commercials. This would enable us to hold private events etc. Yesterday, with friends, I put my name at the top of a list of members and formed The Converted Classics Club West Wales.

   We know who we are and we know what we do, the idea is that we put on a show where the vehicles are the main attraction.  Club members will be invited to our annual jamboree, (potentially in August). and get at least one newsletter. Only members will be welcome at our event, so if you want to come you'd better apply join.  If you live in West Wales and want to get involved get in touch. If you live in another area you can apply to join, but may want to consider forming your own local branch of the CCC.

   Our vision of the future includes local clubs combining for national events, world peace and club runs perhaps from one local event to another etc.  etc.


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