The Converted Classics Club (West Wales) aims to bring together people from all walks of life who share a common interest in ANY vehicle mutated from its original specifications to suit another purpose – whatever that may be. We celebrate the wacky and the bizarre. The rest we’ll leave for the purists. So whether it’s a fire engine made into a wrecker truck, a hearse into a pickup, a military 4 x 4 into a logging tractor, a bus into a home, or a Transit running on chip fat, then we want to hear from YOU!

We are a private members club with a website and newsletter, and intend to organise a series of runs and rallies within the summer months for members to get their rigs fired up, get together, swap ideas, and above all, have a good time. 

Though all sorts of supporting entertainment is intended the main focus for ‘CCC’ rallies will ALWAYS be the vehicles. There will be shows, demo’s, displays, stalls, music, and a prize-giving on the main stage – for such categories as ‘Best engineering’, ‘Worst engineering’, ‘Best paint job’, ‘best pitch’, ‘Best display’, ‘Maddest conversion’, ‘Poshest rig’, and ‘Most hanging vehicle with a tax disc’. Competitions may include 4 x 4 tug o’ war, fire engine racing, prettiest curtains, Blind-drunk Date, Transvestite Driver, log winching, rock towing etc, - depending on who - or what - turns up.

We are a non-profit making organisation, and as such, expect every member present at these events to contribute something to their setup, whether it be by the loaning of a marquee or genny, the setting up of the kids area, or the putting on of some kind of display, E.g: Slide show, photo gallery, ‘trash for cash’ stall, craft display, welding demo’, or acoustic jam. We believe that you only get out of these events as much as you put in. – What can YOU do?

We regularly update our website with photos, articles and items of interest from our members. We encourage all members to send in photos of their vehicles along with a brief history so they can be scanned onto the website vehicle register / photo gallery. Future Web pages on the website are intended eventually to include ‘Gossip Column’ ‘Useful Yards’, ‘Marketplace’, and other stuff such as ‘national register of ‘good overnight stopping places’’, but to get a really good site together we need a lot of info sent in by members. So anyone with any other ideas or stuff they want to publish - send it to the website address anyway. 

Newsletters will be via E-mail, but can be sent in snail-mail by prior arrangement for those without access to computers. To keep costs down we’re also looking for local coordinators who are willing to distribute newsletters to friends, to look for or to help set up suitable local venues, or even to start local area groups of the ‘CCC’.

So if you want a good reason to get that hoary old rig back out on the road again,

stop messing about and get in touch!



Potential new members…

a): Must own, or have owned, driven, lived in, or otherwise had experience of – a converted classic.

b): Must be proposed and seconded by existing club members.

 For further information, contact a member :)

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