Special report about the Converted Classics Club (West Wales). First rally of the "Triple C" (Viv)

From 16th - 18th August. 2002, I attended the first club meeting of this brand new rally club for people with an inclination toward the travelling lifestyle. Having said this the main criteria is to bring together people from all walks of life. Who share a common interest in any vehicle mutated from it's original specifications to suit another purpose - whatever that may be. the new club intends to welcome the wacky + the bizarre. So whether it's a fire engine made into a wrecker truck, a hearse made into a pick-up, a military 4x4 into a logging tractor, a bus into a home, or a transit running on chip fat, they want to hear from you! They are a private members club with a website + online newsletters, + intend organising a series of runs + rallies in the summer months for members to get their rigs fired up, get together, swap ideas, + and above all, have a good time. Which we did! Te first rally site, a spacious, flat field with good access. 3 miles N.E. of Carmarthen, had  lovely views of hills + woodland. It was a pleasant, friendly, well organised event, + we were blessed with mainly hot, sunny days + quite a few stars in clear or cloud scattered night skies. On Saturday, 17th August, the clubs A.G.M. opened the event. I took the spares file + received a lot of interest.

Though all sorts of supporting entertainment is intended, the main focus for the "Triple C" rallies will always be the vehicles. There will be shows, demos, displays, stalls, music, + a prize - giving on the main stage for such categories as "best engineering" thru' to "maddest conversion", + competitions may include 4x4 tug 'o' war, fire engine racing, etc.... The "Triple C" is a non profit making organisation and as such expects all member present at events to contribute something to their set-up, whether it be the loaning of a marqee, setting up the kids area, or putting on some kind of display. They will regularly update their website with photos, articles, + an item of interest, + encourage all members to send in photos of their vehicles with a brief history, so they can be scanned onto the website vehicle register/photo gallery.

what did I like about this first rally? Well, let's see .... There was Mingu's choccy cake for starters, there being a couple of birthdays happening ... Robert's door-to-door tractor delivery of spring water ... The tug 'o' war was most entertaining when the rope broke twice ( watch out for it on Jeremy Beadle's show if you're still desperate enough to watch T.V. .... It didn't half get hot on Friday + Monday ..... It didn't half pee it down in time to the varied sound system on Saturday night .... The field was perfectly flat all over! ..... Anthony's sack race, egg 'n' spoon + limbo for kids of all ages (amongst other energetic efforts) ...... The accoustic music session around Mark's fire with Ian (of "How we got there fame) + Anthony (of "Robin Hood" notoriety) Anthony is of the Welsh gypsy Hearn family who came over from Romania several hundred years ago ... And the vehicles, oh, yes! .. The vehicles!

"How we got there" by Ian, Jackie, + Sali the pup 9in a 1978 LWB Dodge/sommer walkthru 

"Having spent a long time travelling in Wales, we were finally M.O.T.'d and legal, + were on our way to Gloucestershire, heading for Cornwall, when we pulled in for the night on a layby near Llandovery to fix a leaking core plug. Sian, a traveller, passed + stopped, asking if we were o.k., + of we were heading for the "Triple C". 'The ....what?' we said, intrigued, + she went on to explain about the club + the A.G.M. It sounded 'right up our street + in our field', so we turned around next day + headed for the site a few miles away. Magical synchronicity!  ..... Fantastic! We had a wonderful chilled-out time + met some great new people - like us, mad enough to keep some amazing old rigs on the road. Of course, wejoined up,- membership no :- 46, + will proudly display our badge on our travels + encourage others to join....

(The "Triple C" are hoping that members will form their own local groups - viv). ..."We'll definitely be back next year, a=+ a bit more prepared - doing an accoustic jam space. (Yipee - viv) ..."Fire twirling , + display some art + crafty stuff, with any luck" 



Last minute haylage bailing

Mark, Jayne and Rob putting hardcore in the gateway with Dai the farmer

Just before the rope broke, again.

First round of the races. Stef wins!

Race final, Pete wins!

Truck tug of war, Mingo wins!

Saturday night entertainment.

Mobile sound system.

View of site from adjacent hill.


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